What we do

We make listeners remember


We will make you sound good.
We produce sound that makes people remember what you stand for.
Elevate your company or organization from competitors.

Tell your story


If you have something to tell, sound is a perfect way to do it.
Let us help you reach out with your message via music, podcasts or anything else that sounds.

We make listeners feel a certain way


Sound is very powerful and can make listeners feel a certain way.
Hearing is a mechanical sense.
When we know what you want your audience to feel, we make it happen.

How we do it

When a stimulus is moved along sensory pathways to the brain, a sensation emerges that rise to an experience.

We produce originally composed music, audio branding, radio commercials, podcasts, speakers, sound design and more. However you want it to sound, we deliver it.

We always give 100 % customer guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, you don’t pay. We have always been paid.

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Facts & Research

Making the most of your audio branding means knowing your target audience

What do they like? What makes them happy? What tones and songs appeal to them? Strong market research is already a part of successfully branding your business, but few market surveys think to ask about client listening habits.

Increase your brands value

Take control of how your business sounds now, and watch your brand flourish.
Sound can increase visual impact by up to 12 times!

About us

We are based in Gothenburg, the fifth largest city in the Nordic region with 600,473 inhabitants in the urban area. The city is a trade center and the home to Scandinavia’s largest port.

Our network is located all over the world.

Our team consists of producers and songwriters from different generations.
 Experience is mixed with a desire to experiment.

What we all have in common is that we are always responsive, curious and flexible with the customer’s needs in focus.

We already recognise sound when we are in our mother’s womb and since then it has been our favourite sense.